Adelaide amateur football club Fitzroy Lions has scored a remarkable 516-point win over the Elizabeth Eagles in a game club officials say may have broken records. 

The Men’s Division 6 Fitzroy Community Club team thrashed the Eagles at the round four game on Saturday, scoring 82 goals and 24 behinds. 

The Elizabeth Football Club did not score a single point at their home ground at Argana Park, Elizabeth Downs, in Adelaide’s north. 

Lions forward Josh Rosenthal booted a record 29 goals, while James Ellis kicked 17 goals and Dylan Richardson helped himself to 13.

Josh Rosenthal kicked a record 29 goals for the Lions.(Supplied: Fitzroy Community Club/Aaron Burgess)

Fitzroy club president Talal Kayal congratulated the team and said it was the club’s highest ever score. 

Mr Kayal added it may have been both the Adelaide Footy League’s highest winning margin and highest score on record.

“To say today was a game of records being set is an understatement,” Mr Kayal said in a statement on Facebook on Saturday.

“Congratulations to all involved from supporters, trainers, coaches and players.

“However, we must understand that wins and records like this always come at the cost of the opposition who are currently struggling.”

The Fitzroy Community Club thanked supporters, trainers, coaches and players.(Supplied: Fitzroy Community Club/Aaron Burgess)

‘Elizabeth should get behind this club’

In a statement, the Elizabeth Football Club committee said the A Grade team was “struggling” and that officials were working hard to ensure it had a successful year.

“It is true the A Grade is struggling but be assured the Committee, Volunteers and Coaches at all levels are working hard to ensure the EFC has a successful year,” the committee said.

“We may not be able to measure that success in wins, but we can measure it in continuous improvement and growth.

“We also want to acknowledge and thank those players who made the decision to stand by and commit to the EFC and are pushing through whether that be a win or loss.”

There was an outpouring of support for the club on social media following the loss. 

“I think the whole of Elizabeth should get behind this club,” Fiona said on Facebook.

“My 8yo [year-old] is playing juniors there at the moment, they’ve embraced him as a special needs player and have helped him and have been very patient with him,” Michelle said of the club.

“Every club goes through tough times, I’m sure you guys will come back stronger then ever,” Kristofer said.