An Adelaide man has been arrested after police found a large quantity of allegedly stolen items, including 20 shipping containers, horse buggies, four-wheel drives and numerous trucks, at his property.

Robert Christian Dyna, 41, from Burton appeared in the Elizabeth Magistrates Court today.

The discovery followed a police investigation into alleged stolen property that led authorities to Burton, in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

South Australian Police allege they also found drugs and a clandestine laboratory at the man’s property.

Police said it would take several days to inventory the items.

“Police have already started identifying property to return it to its owners, but we suspect there will be a lot of property here that may not have been reported stolen or is difficult to identify,” Chief Inspector Andrew McCracken said.

“We are asking for the public’s help to identify this stolen property. If you believe that your stolen property may be located here at Burton, please contact Crime Stoppers.”

Police said earthmoving equipment, industrial trailers, bobcats and forklifts of all kinds – including maritime — were among the haul.

Items including a generator and portable flood lights were also seized by police.(Supplied: SA Police)

“Approximately 20 shipping containers, some stacked three-high, suspected of being stolen and containing additional stolen goods, including tools and safes, were located on the site,” a police spokesperson said.

In one of the shipping containers, authorities allege they uncovered a quantity of methamphetamine and a clandestine laboratory – which police are dismantling.

The Burton man was charged with trafficking in a controlled drug, possess prescribed equipment, theft and unlawful possession.

Mr Dyna was refused police bail.

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