Adelaide has had its wettest day since January 26 as a rain band moved across Australia, the Bureau of Meteorology says.

West Terrace in Adelaide CBD has recorded close to 10 millimetres of rain on Thursday after one of the driest months this year.

The city previously recorded a measly 0.6mm of rain on May 20.

“We’ve recorded 10.6mm of rainfall in Adelaide so far in May, this is well below the [monthly rainfall] average of 61.7mm,” senior meteorologist Chris Kent said.

“We should see this rain band clearing this afternoon but then some showers starting to push in this evening and into Friday.”

Mr Kent said May has recorded above average temperatures after drier than usual conditions since February.

“With this front that has moved through, we’re expecting to see those temperatures start dropping and become more winter-like.”

An extensive rain band brings some much needed rain to South Australia.(ABC News: Olivia Mason)

The bureau’s community information officer Daniel Hayes said South Australia has experienced a dry autumn with only 12mm recorded in Adelaide in April.

“It was the eighth driest April on record for South Australia as a whole,” he said.

“The April average is 43.8mm for Adelaide.”

 Mr Haynes said more rain is on its way but is forecast to clear over the weekend.

“We’re expecting to see probably another 5 to 10 maybe pushing up to 15mm before 9am tomorrow but even that will still leave us well below the May average.”

“Fingers crossed agricultural areas will see some more rain in the next 24 hours.”

Senior meteorologist Sarah Scully said a wet and windy front was sweeping across Australia.

“There’s been an extensive cloud or rain band that stretches all the way from the Kimberley in Western Australia, through central Australia towards Western Victoria at the moment, so it’s stretching over 2,000 kilometres over the land,” she said.

“Overnight, there’s been 5 to 15mm with the passage of that rain band, but the heaviest rainfall totals have been about the Kimberley with about 71mm at Lombadina since 9am yesterday.

“The Port Lincoln region has already had 5 to 10mm [as of 6.45am this morning].”

Adelaide only had 0.6mm this month before this morning’s rain.(ABC News: Michael Coggan)

She said the rain is expected to reach Melbourne on Thursday afternoon.

“It’s not just rain that’s been associated with this feature, it’s also brought some gusty winds,” Ms Scully said.

“There is currently a strong wind warning for elevated parts of Victoria and also about the Otways and far-eastern Tasmania where they’ve already observed wind gusts in excess of 100 kilometres per hour.”

Drivers urged to take care

The bureau earlier issued a road weather warning for Adelaide and urged road users to drive to the conditions.

The road weather alert for Adelaide has been cancelled, but the bureau said it would monitor the situation and issue further alerts “if necessary”.

SA Police advised drivers to slow down and take extra care, maintain a safe distance between vehicles and turn on headlights.

Shaun Loftes says he loves the wet weather.(ABC News)

Adelaide man Shaun Loftes welcomed the change in weather.

“It’s good cuddling weather, it’s good weather, it’s good for the grass, the earth,” he said.

“I like to walk out in it to tell you the truth, and splash like a little kid even though I’m an adult.”

Emilien Ruffeir, who works at a French patisserie in the Adelaide CBD, said it has been a bad day for business.

“It’s probably the worst day I’ve had since I’ve been here in six months.”

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