An Adelaide man has come forward to claim Thursday’s $150 million Powerball jackpot, becoming Australia’s biggest lottery winner in the process.

The middle-aged man contacted lottery officials on Friday morning after not sleeping Thursday night because he “just kept checking the ticket”.

“I’ve never screamed so loud or jumped so high!” he said, according to Powerball operator The Lott.

“I actually had two tickets into last night’s draw. I looked at the clock last night and saw it was getting late and thought the draw should have been done by then.

“So, I checked the first one and it came up with nothing, then I scanned the second one and it said $150 million.”

The winning numbers were 18, 29, 34, 8, 4, 28 and 6, with a Powerball of 11.

Up to half of Australian adults were estimated to have an entry in Thursday night’s draw.

The sales peak came at 6.19pm when 9,173 tickets were sold in a single minute (that’s just over an hour before the draw’s close at 7:30pm AEST).

In addition to the $150 million main jackpot, there were nine division two winners, who each took home $276,036.95.

The total prize pool across divisions two to nine came to $89.3 million.

The $150 million division one prize was the largest amount won by an individual Powerball player in Australian history.

The jackpot had previously reached $200 million in February, however the prize was claimed by two people, meaning they split the prize money.

Thursday’s division one winner, who bought the ticket from a drive-through convenience store in Salisbury, told The Lott he intended to keep working despite winning the prize.

“I’ll buy a house, want to travel the world and I’ve got a family and friends I want to help,” he said.

Astronomical odds of winning the jackpot

Mathematician and author Adam Spencer said the odds of winning the Powerball draw were one in 134 million.

That means a person has a greater chance of being hit by lightning than winning the division one prize.

“First of all, you have to get seven correct out of 35. That is a one-in-6.8 million chance,” Mr Spencer said.

“If you get through that hoop, you then have a one in 20 chance of getting the final ball.

“The total odds are one in 134 million.”

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