A second man has been found guilty of the bashing murder of Adelaide man Mark Boyce in January 2017. 

Hells Angels bikie Tobias Stefan Sahlstorfer was found to have murdered the 36-year-old, who suffered a fatal brain injury after being beaten outside of his home on Hill Street at Elizabeth South, in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

In 2019, another man was convicted over Mr Boyce’s murder and sentenced to at least 20 years in prison.

Police have previously alleged that three men were involved in the murder of Mr Boyce in 2017.

South Australian Supreme Court Justice Laura Stein said in her verdict that it was apparent that “all three men delivered blows”.

“I infer from the behaviour of the three men observed on the CCTV footage that all three acted consistently with each other and with a common purpose of inflicting blows on Mr Boyce,” she said.

The Supreme Court found Tobias Sahlstorfer guilty of murdering Mark Boyce. (Supplied: Facebook)

Police have previously said a vehicle involved in the attack was found cut up, burned, and buried more than 4 metres underground on a Hells Angels Motorcycle Club property at Ponde in the Murraylands.

Justice Stein said the attack was short but “violent and frenzied”.

“Mr Boyce was rendered quickly unconscious and he never regained consciousness,” she said.

“The rapidity of the blows, the direction of the blows, the observable force and, significantly, the continued kicking of Mr Boyce after he was lying on the pavement belies any lesser intention.”

Mr Boyce’s father, Malcolm, cried out as the verdict was delivered in court.

Speaking outside of court, he said while the verdict was a relief, it could never bring his son back.

“It won’t bring Mark back, but it’s slowly given us justice,” he said.

“They took my son’s life.”

Malcolm Boyce says the guilty verdict has provided relief for his family.(ABC News)

Mr Boyce said his son, who would have been 44 years old this year, was “in the wrong place, at the wrong time”.

“He was no angel, but he was my son,” he said.

“I miss my son every day, he was the only child I had.”

Mr Boyce said he wanted to see the third alleged person involved caught.

“As far as I’m concerned, these two can rot in hell and the third one … as well,” he said. 

A SA Police spokesperson said the investigation into the role of the third suspect continues.

“Anyone with information that may assist the investigation is urged to contact Crime Stoppers,” the spokesperson said.

The matter will return to court in May.

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