A man who fatally bashed his housemate in Adelaide’s east and placed his body in a wheelie bin will spend at least 26 years behind bars. 

WARNING: This story contains content that may be distressing to some readers.

Daniel Gordon Bremner was found guilty of murdering his housemate following a jury trial in February, and handed a mandatory life sentence.

Justice Anne Bampton ordered a non-parole period of 26 years, backdated to Bremner’s arrest in December 2021.

Adelaide’s Supreme Court heard the deceased was a “frail” 53-year-old man who suffered from health conditions.

His identity has been suppressed by the court. 

Justice Bampton said Bremner had met the deceased on Hindley Street 2021.

“As you were homeless, the deceased invited you to stay at his home,” she said.

She said the deceased’s social worker had given evidence during the trial, noting that there was “constant tension” between the victim and Bremner.

“There were occasions of aggressive verbal interactions [and] neighbours of the deceased gave evidence of overhearing aggressive utterances including threats to kill [the deceased] made by [Bremner],” she said.

Justice Bampton told the court that the deceased likely died from injuries sustained during repeated beatings to his head, chest and neck.

“The forensic pathologist who gave evidence concluded the deceased’s death was caused by the chest and head injuries inflicted, in his opinion, during a sustained assault,” she said.

She said they had described the assault on the victim as on the “more severe end of the spectrum” seen by forensic pathologists.

The scene at Wingfield following the discovery of the 53-year-old’s body.(ABC News)

“Pathologists could also not exclude the possibility the deceased was placed into the wheelie bin … alive but unconscious,” Justice Bampton said.

“You showed no respect for the human dignity of the deceased.”

She also spoke of evidence given by Bremner’s former cellmate, who said Bremner had told him details of his attack.

“This is consistent with the pathologist’s evidence to the effect the injuries to the deceased were consistent with a great deal of force having been inflicted by a kick or a stomp,” she said.

Bremner was found guilty for murder by a jury earlier this year.(ABC News: Che Chorley)

Justice Bampton said the death had a “devastating effect” on the victim’s family.

“The deceased was a much-loved member of his family, he was born into a loving, extensive family and a little brother to his sisters,” she said.

“They are unable to comprehend the cruelty and suffering that their brother endured.”

The family of the deceased cried and hugged each other outside of the court room.

Bremner will be eligible to apply for parole in 2047.