A magnitude-4.1 earthquake has struck Jamestown in South Australia’s Mid North, with the tremor felt as far south as Adelaide, about 200 kilometres away.

The quake hit an area north-east of Jamestown just after 4pm at a depth of 1 kilometre, Geoscience Australia said. 

Geoscience Australia senior scientist Phil Cummins told the ABC the earthquake was felt in the city and was “large” by Australian standards. 

“There have been 22 earthquakes of magnitude-4 and above within about 50 kilometres of Jamestown [since records began],” Mr Cummins said. 

“That’s actually a fair number for Australia above magnitude-4. This area, particularly the Flinders Ranges area, tends to have somewhat higher levels of seismicity than elsewhere in Australia.”

Wyatt works at the Jamestown Hotel and said the earthquake struck just after the pub opened.

“It was a loud bang. Loudest one I’ve heard for a while,” he said.

“I walked out into the street, and everyone in all the other shops were just in the street, doing exactly what I was doing, just looking around, seeing if anything fell. Everyone was a bit shocked I guess.”

‘Violent’ tremor shocks Jamestown locals

Greg Couzner works at the roadhouse in Jamestown and said the event probably lasted around five seconds.

“It was just a really sharp crack and rumble and then the movement that went with it,” he said.

“It was bloody violent as hell, worst one that I’ve ever been involved with around Jamestown. It was really bad.

“We’ve had a couple of small items fall off the top of the shelving in the office, but that’s about it. Nothing major.

“The sound and the initial shaking of the building, when it actually happened, that was pretty violent.”

Leanne from Jamestown told ABC Radio Adelaide the earthquake damaged her windows. 

“All the dust sort of filled the house as well … the whole house was moving.”

“Quite a few photo frames fell down and broke and the windows sort of cracked. Everything just moved.”

Jamestown resident Heidi told ABC Radio Adelaide she was on the phone with her father when the quake struck.

“There was this massive bang, and the house shook,” she said.

“My husband shot out of his chair, and the dog went a bit barmy. Things fell off shelves and all the pictures are crooked. It’s far worse than the last one.

“It was a massive bang, we thought something hit the house, and then it shook for a few minutes, a couple of minutes lately.”