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The crowds have continued to turn up and party at Gather Round(Getty Images)

What a day of footy!

There’s been a bit of everything in Gather Round today, from the Eagles looking like they could get the upset over the Swans, to THAT final minute of the Carlton – Fremantle game, and then tonight’s finale, a ripping game at Adelaide Oval and a win for the Cats.

We have one more day to go of this fabulous round, and we’ll be here for all of it, starting with the Suns and Giants at Mt Barker, then the Tigers and Saints at Norwood Oval before the grand finale – the Jack Ginnivan Cup – as Collingwood take on Hawthorn at Adelaide Oval.

Join us then!

FT: Geelong 14.11 (95) def Western Bulldogs 14.7 (91)

Jeremy Cameron had 12 score involvements for Geelong in their win over the Bulldogs(Getty Images)

Adelaide Oval was the scene of another contentious AFL scoring incident as Geelong held on to beat the Western Bulldogs by four points.

While the video review that led to Tyson Stengle’s second goal for Geelong on Saturday night wasn’t the blatant error that cost Adelaide a finals berth last season, there will be debate about whether the right call was made.

After his side’s 14.11 (95) to 14.7 (91) victory, Geelong coach Chris Scott was adamant the review of the incident was spot-on, while Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge said he had faith in the review system.

It happened at the other end to last year’s howler, when Ben Keays’ goal late in the game was ruled a behind and the Crows lost to Sydney by a point.

The AFL later admitted the wrong decision was made with the Keays goal.

On Saturday night, there was a review when Stengle took a mark on the goal line.

Mark Blicavs originally was awarded the behind in his 250th game, but the decision was overturned on review and Stengle then kicked the goal from the acute angle.

Asked if he thought the right call had been made, coach Scott said: “We saw the replay — yeah, we did.

“When we saw the replay we thought it was pretty clear.

“In my mind, that’s exactly how it should work.

“No-one could accuse me of being a sycophant for the AFL, but when they do a good job I’m prepared to acknowledge it.”

Beveridge said his attitude with the score review system was not to become caught up in it.

“You just accept whatever decisions being made are the right ones,” he said.

The win gives the Cats a 4-0 start, while the Bulldogs are 2-2.

In the frenetic final quarter, the Bulldogs were on the charge and a goal looked certain, only for star Cats defender Tom Stewart to somehow make a crucial spoil that killed off the passage of play.

“They were out … his work to get there was phenomenal. It’s a real pleasure having someone like that when the opposition are coming at you. Station him behind the ball and let him do his stuff,” Scott said.

Beveridge said the game, ultimately, could have gone either way.

“Obviously, it’s a ‘would-a, could-a, should-a’, but if the game goes a bit longer you never know — that’s a good sign for us,” he said.

“It felt it was ‘sliding doors’, to a degree, all night”

Midfielder Jack Macrae was the Bulldogs’ sub as he continues to struggle this season to break back into their lineup.


Adelaide Oval the land of the almost hanger

Aside from the closeness of the game and the dramatic finish – AND Ryley Sanders running towards the wrong goal at one stage – the big sub-plot to tonight’s game was the number of huge hangers that weren’t quite taken.

Ollie Dempsey went big for Geelong but couldn’t quite hang on, Marcus Bontempelli produced a rare effort that would have taken the roof off (if there was one) if he took it.

And then his teammate Aaron Naughton made his own run at it with a big leap.

Unfortunately for the players involved, they can’t blame a slippery surface or adverse weather conditions, but definitely A for effort.

You can look at a few of them here.

Milestone win for Mark Blicavs

Geelong get the win – but plenty to think about for Chris Scott

Chris Scott will be glad of the win, but his side were given a bit of a scare late on(Getty Images)

That was an excellent performance from the Cats, who reminded us just how experienced they are and how hard it is to finish them off when you have them under pressure.

That ability to kick vital goals – from Tyson Stengle, Jeremy Cameron and others – is invaluable.

The Cats also looked like they were going to be able to shut things down early in the last. But it has to be said, though, that the Bulldogs looked the stronger side late on, with the stronger run.

That might be a bit of a worry for coach Chris Scott, but hey they are unbeaten after four games and they have set themselves up early for a big run.

Key Event

FT: Geelong beats Western Bulldogs by four points

That looked like a mark to the Cats, but the Dogs force a stoppage. It goes downfield for Geelong, Now there’s a free for a high shot!

That should be it. The Cats run down the clock, and they win it.

They are 4-0!

Bailey Williams puts Bulldogs within a kick!

Good Lord, it couldn’t happen, could it?

The Dogs go forward, they go long to a contest and it goes over Mark Blicavs’ head – possible push – and Bailey Williams marks and goals.

Four points in it! A minute left!

Geelong running it down

The Cats are just making the key marks whenever they need it.

We are at two and a half minutes to go, and now there is a 50 to the Cats! Rhys Stanley can ice this! But he misses!

We’re down to 1:45 though. last chance saloon for the Bulldogs.

Cats using most of their lives

The clock is ticking, but the Dogs are looking like they have more run than the Cats.

But they’re not getting vital goal.

Geelong look like they might make them pay – Ollie Henry marks inside 50, but he misses. We’re at nine points. The Bulldogs MUST kick the next goal.

Adam Treloar kicks a goal for the Bulldogs

It’s getting late here in time on. There are just under seven minutes left on the countdown clock, and the Dogs need three goals.

Well, now they need two!

Persistent pressure pays off, the Cats lose it inside defensive 50, and Adam Treloar gets it and snaps from the left forward pocket.

The margin is back to eight points! Plenty of time! Are the Cats running out of steam?

The Bulldogs are pressing hard

Jeremy Cameron is back at half-back for the Cats, the Bulldogs are trying to build a wall through the middle and Geelong are finding it hard to get it into attack.

Having said that, time is starting to tick for the Bulldogs. They can’t afford to leak any more goals here.

Jamarra Ugle-Hagan answers for the Dogs

Don’t say it … we’re not done yet here!

The Bulldogs have made a clearance and got the ball downfield to Jamarra Ugle-Hagan, who marked in space and then kicked the goal.

It’s 14 goals to 12 at Adelaide Oval, and we have three-quarters of the final quarter to go! #PointsBonanza

Geelong get vital goal from Ollie Henry

Well, I was about to say that the Bulldogs were surging at the start of the final term, and they were pressing very hard for the vital early goal.

But they couldn’t get it done, and the Cats absorbed the pressure and hit back hard. they went virtually coast to coast, with Jeremy Cameron hitting up Ollie Henry inside 50 after an irresistible passage of play.

Henry kicked the goal to deliver a big blow to the Bulldogs’ hopes. It’s out to more than three goals again.

Key Event

3QT: Geelong leads the Western Bulldogs by 16 points

A defensive slog, this is not!

The Cats kick six goals to five in the third term, as they seem to have the answer to every Bulldogs question.

And yet … they are still in with a shout!

The exciting thing is it’s not the usual suspects like Jamarra Ugle-Hagan or Cody Weightman – the new generation are posing some problems for the Cats, with Rhylee West and Sam Darcy stepping up with three goals each.

If they keep going to the end, the Bulldogs are a sneaky chance here. But it’s hard to see the Cats giving up the points here.

Rhylee West kicks another goal for the Bulldogs

Hello, hello, hello! Give it to the Bulldogs, they are NOT giving in.

They rush it forward and kick long to a contest, where Rhylee West takes the mark in the pocket.

He goes back and drills the kick, and we’re back to 16 points!

It’s like we’re in a loop or something!

Marcus Bontempelli gets a vital goal for the Bulldogs

This is getting into shootout areas with a quarter and a bit to go.

The Bulldogs are desperately trying to hang in here, and Marcus Bontempelli gets a handball from Cody Weightman, and booms one on the run from 50.

Not over yet. back to 22 points.

Stengle again for Geelong!

Geelong fans will be loving Tyson Stengle, who is getting back to his very best.

First he finishes off a move with a snap from the left forward pocket, and then the Cats catch Bailey Dale with the ball inside his defensive 50, they get the free but Stengle pounces on the ball and runs inside before darting a kick home for his fourth of the game.

Geelong may have delivered the dagger here, they are out to a 28-point lead.

Ollie Henry kicks one for the Cats

Beautiful play from Geelong, going through the middle before setting up Gryan Miers on the right wing – he chips a perfect pass to Ollie Henry, and Henry kicks it from a reasonably narrow angle.

Cats just refuse to allow the Dogs to get close to them for long.

Bulldogs bounce back with brace of goals

There’s a bit happening here … the Dogs hit back, getting it forward and Sam Darcy is standing up for the men of the West.

He gets the ball and snaps a beauty for his third of the night.

And here we go again, the momentum swings back to the Bulldogs as they go forward and Marcus Bontempelli finds Cody Weightman inside 50.

The Bulldogs’ X-Factor kicks truly, and now we’re back to a 10-point game. What next?