Two children remain in custody charged over the alleged stabbing of a boy in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

Emergency services were called to Elizabeth Park after reports a child, 12, was allegedly stabbed in the leg and punched on Sunday afternoon.

Adelaide Youth Court heard that the two accused boys, aged 13 and 15, ran from the scene after the alleged stabbing and stole the victim’s bag.

The names of the children are suppressed to protect their identity.

“The charges are currently an aggravated assault causing harm and a theft,” prosecutors told the court.

“Prosecution is opposed to all forms of bail based on the seriousness of the offending.”

The court heard the victim remained at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide.

“The victim has been in surgery for his injuries and there may be permanent nerve damage,” prosecutors told the court.

“It’s possible that the charges may be upgraded to serious harm.”

The prosecution said one of the accused, who has just turned 13, was on bail for other serious charges.

The mother of the 13-year-old accused defended her son.(ABC News: Shari Hams)

His family was in the court room and his mother was crying while the prosecution addressed the court.

“He was on bail for other very serious offending, including two counts of robbery, driving a motor vehicle without consent, serious criminal trespass, assault and two breaches of bail,” prosecutors told the court.

“He continues to offend in a very serious way and brings a risk to the community.”

A defence lawyer for the 13-year-old boy told the court her client did not do the actual stabbing and alleged his co-accused was responsible.

She requested bail for her client to a Victorian address with a “cultural friend”.

The magistrate denied bail today and requested a report on the suitability of the address.

Upon leaving the court room, his mother told media he was a “good boy”.

The 15-year-old co-accused was refused bail and will appear in court in March.