Adelaide United’s Josh Cavallo has publicly announced he is gay, becoming the first footballer to open up about their sexuality while playing in the A-League Men competition.

Key points:

  • Josh Cavallo says he “couldn’t be happier” with his decision to publicly announce that he is gay
  • His club has stood with Cavallo, with coach Carl Veart saying he has “nothing but admiration and support” for his player 
  • In 2019, former Newcastle player Andy Brennan came out about his sexuality

The midfielder has played 19 games for the Reds since making the move to Adelaide from Western United.

The A-League club said it stood alongside Cavallo for being true to himself, and would continue to love and support him as a member of its diverse family.

“I am proud to publicly announce that I am gay,” Cavallo said in a video released by the club.

“It’s been a journey to get to this point in my life, but I couldn’t be happier with my decision to come out.

“Adelaide United has made me realise football is more than just a game – it is a family.”

In 2019, former Newcastle Jets player Andy Brennan publicly came out as gay after his A-League Men career was over.

‘It takes great courage to take this step’

Adelaide United head coach Carl Veart said Cavallo had shown tremendous courage.


“Josh is a tremendous young man and has shown incredible courage to be one of very few professional sportsmen to be this brave,” Veart said.

“I have nothing but admiration and support for him, as do all the players and coaching staff.

“I want all my players to feel comfortable and happy being their own person, on and off the park.

“For Josh to be the best he can be and get the most out of his career, he needs the freedom to be himself, and I fully support him.”

Josh Cavallo playing for Adelaide United.(Supplied: Adelaide United)

United winger Ben Halloran said the playing group was proud of Cavallo.

“It takes great courage to take this step seeing as it’s, sadly, still very rare in the sporting world for men to come out,” he said.

“I’m happy for Josh that he feels comfortable to open up while being a part of Adelaide United.

“Hopefully Josh’s decision to share this part of himself can inspire others to do the same in the future.”

‘It’s a great message’, says Brennan

Brennan, now the vice-president of LGBTI sporting engagement organisation Proud to Play, said Cavallo’s announcement was “good news”.

“It takes a lot of courage and it’s a big step for him personally,” Brennan told ABC.

“What it means for a lot of young people, that can see that message and see that two people (Cavallo and Brennan) and other people around the world are comfortable to do that (come out), it’s a great message.”

Brennan said he could remember exactly what he was doing nearly three years ago when he was about to press send on the post making his announcement.

“So I can imagine for Josh it will be a big thing, and it will continue to be a big thing when it comes up against his first opposition having come out,” he said.

“I think the reason he (Cavallo) has done it — I hope it is — is purely to take the weight off his shoulders.

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