Police have recovered personal items belonging to a suspected murder victim from a bin in remote South Australia, about 20 minutes from the spot her body was found this week.

Key points:

  • Personal items belonging to Jasmeen Kaur were found in a bin at the Kanyaka Ruins yesterday
  • They will form a critical part of the police investigation into her murder
  • Police are appealing for more information about the movements of a blue Holden Commodore

Detective Superintendent Des Bray said a member of the public made the discovery yesterday at Kanyaka, about 30 kilometres south of Hawker, where Jasmeen Kaur’s body was exhumed from a shallow grave on Monday.

“And now I can say we have recovered from that bin Jasmeen’s work identification, her black slip-on shoes we were looking for, and some other important evidentiary items.”

The Kanyaka ruins in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges, where Ms Kaur’s belongings were found.(

ABC Open: Susan Rooney-Harding


The 21-year-old was last seen alive in the car park of the Southern Cross Care nursing home in the Adelaide suburb of North Plympton, where she worked as a carer, at about 10:00pm last Friday night.

A post-mortem examination has confirmed Ms Kaur was murdered in the early hours of Saturday morning, March 6.

Police have charged a 20-year-old man from the Adelaide suburb of Kurralta Park with her murder, alleging he waited for Ms Kaur to finish her shift before forcing her into his vehicle.

Anyone who saw a well-dressed man of Indian appearance, with neatly groomed facial hair, loitering in the carpark should contact police.

“We’d appeal to anybody who saw a 2009 blue metallic coloured Commodore, registration number S267CJD … to come forward.”

A blue Holden Commodore with the registration S267CJD that police believe Jasmeen Kaur was taken from work in on Friday night.(

Supplied: SA Police


‘Eight hours unaccounted for’

Where Ms Kaur was taken next is critical to the police investigation, as they attempt to piece together her final movements.

Detective Bray said the Commodore was detected by a safety camera at Virginia, in Adelaide’s north, at 10:46pm on Friday, then again at Willaston near Gawler.

He said police believe the accused drove down South Road and missed the turn-off at Virginia.

Police said Jasmeen Kaur’s body was found in a shallow grave in the Flinders Ranges on Monday.(

Supplied: SA Police


They believe he then did a U-turn, and was next seen on Port Wakefield Road around 12:40am.

“We’d appeal to anyone with dashcam [footage] that night at about 11:00pm on the road to Gawler or Willaston to make contact with us,” Detective Bray said.

“That would be very important to the investigation.”

The Commodore passed through another safety camera at Stirling North at 3:07am, then wasn’t seen again for almost 12 hours.

Detective Superintendent Des Bray shows the route police believe the suspect drove on the night of the crime.(

ABC News: Patrick Martin


“From the Stirling North turn-off to Moralana Creek is roughly an hour-and-a-half drive, so a three-hour return trip, so there’s eight hours unaccounted for,” Detective Bray said.

“Not necessarily Jasmeen, but certainly the young man must have been somewhere in that time.”

Police are appealing to anyone who saw the man, or has any dashcam footage that may have captured their journey.

“There may be other places along the way where people have been, or they think back to that Saturday on the sixth of March, and they remember seeing the car, or something that was a bit odd.”

Anyone with information should call Crime Stopper on 1800 333 000.