Traces of COVID–19 in wastewater from Adelaide’s CBD and inner-east have disappeared just days after a high reading was detected.

Key points:

  • SA Health warned about high levels of coroanvirus detected in Adelaide CBD wastewater on Sunday
  • It now says the level has fallen to zero
  • It could have been from an old case in an interstate visitor

Health authorities had been on high alert after a huge spike in detection levels was first announced on Sunday.

South Australian Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier said it could be attributed to the high number of interstate visitors in the city for the festival season, who were likely shedding old infections.

“So we will continue to be monitoring it but as you can appreciate that’s the time we had those large number of visitors into our CBD.”

The high readings came in areas including where the Adelaide Fringe festival is held, as well where several major hotels are located, including those where overseas arrivals are quarantined.

Revellers in Victoria Square for the Adelaide Fringe festival.(

Instagram: Royal Croquet Club


The catchment also included inner-eastern suburbs between Hackney and Toorak Gardens but not the Tom’s Court Hotel where positive patients are held.

Dr Spurrier said last night’s detection was zero but there was still no room for complacency when attending events.

“Just try and keep that physical distancing between other people,” she said.

“I’ve been going to some events and I’m really impressed with how people are behaving.

“I know people come up to me and want to shake my hand. Please don’t feel bad if I reject your hand, I’m still not hand shaking at the moment.”