After a search which involved a medium, a social media campaign and a light aircraft, an Adelaide Hills beagle has been reunited with its family.

Key points:

  • The Buckleys’ two beagles went missing on March 2
  • Lexi came home but Hunter was missing for a week
  • The family says a medium predicted how Hunter might be found

The week-long search for Michelle Buckley’s missing dogs generated a huge amount of interest on social media ahead of their recovery.

Ms Buckley’s beagles Hunter and Lexi went missing from their Mount Barker home last Tuesday, March 2.

Lexi returned two days later, but Hunter was missing for another week.

On Sunday, a medium called Zoe McDonald visited Michelle and her husband Daniel’s home to provide some insight into Hunter’s whereabouts.

“She’s like ‘he’s stuck, he can’t get out, his left leg is stuck, he’s near berries’ and she said ‘irrigation’ and ‘he’s five minutes away’ and it was pretty much true,” Ms Buckley told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“Other than not being able to pinpoint exactly where he was, she knew the sort of conditions he was trapped in, so that gave me reassurance that he was OK and he wasn’t in pain, but then at the same time I’m like ‘he’s stuck and how long can he be stuck for?'”

Michelle Buckley’s beagles Hunter (left) and Lexi before going missing.(

Facebook: Michelle Buckley


Hunter found in vineyard nets

One post Ms Buckley had put on Facebook was shared more than 9,000 times after it was picked up by Adelaide media identity Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello’s Facebook page.

She had worried Hunter had travelled as far as Callington or Lenswood.

At one point, Mr Buckley searched the area from an aeroplane offered up by an amateur pilot.

Yesterday, a woman called Ms Buckley to say she had found Hunter, who was caught in some vineyard nets east of Mount Barker.

Mr Buckley then drove to get Hunter and was home in about 10 minutes.


Ms Buckley said there was a lot of excitement when they got the call.

“I just couldn’t talk — I was like ‘what?’ and just burst into tears,” she said.

“I said to my partner ‘they found Hunter, take the phone and find out where he is’ and the kids came running in and they’re like ‘you’ve found Hunter’ and I was a mess, and he was about a five-minute drive away.”