South Australian health authorities say testing of Adelaide’s wastewater has returned a “very strong” positive result for COVID–19.

SA Health says the result is still being investigated, with the detected virus possibly coming from a medi-hotel resident or an old case who is still “shedding”.

But Deputy Public Health Officer Chris Lease said it was a timely reminder that people with symptoms should be tested, with numbers dropping in recent times.

Dr Lease said the “very strong reading” came from the north-eastern part of Adelaide’s CBD, north of Pirie Street.

SA Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Dr Chris Lease.(

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The city is currently celebrating the Adelaide Festival, the Fringe festival and WOMADelaide, with authorities reminding people to ensure COVID-safe practices while attending these events.

“I think that this positive test result is a timely reminder for people to be aware and vigilant of the virus in the community,” Dr Lease said.

“It’s important for people to not only monitor symptoms quite closely and not to attend [events] or go out, but to stay home and get tested.”

He said another sample would be taken tonight and the result would be announced tomorrow.

He said the case could be from someone from interstate who had the virus a while ago, but there was no room for complacency.

“If we can take this seriously — and I hope that we find ourselves in a positive situation that it’s an old case — but we can’t rely on that, so it’s really down to everyone to stay COVID-safe and use this as a reminder of that,” Dr Lease said.

There were no new cases reported in South Australia today.

Three active cases remain in medi-hotels, the last reported on Wednesday.

More than 2,200 people were tested for COVID-19 yesterday.

More to come.


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