New South Wales Police say their investigation into a historical rape allegation against a federal Cabinet Minister is now closed.

Key points:

  • An anonymous letter sent to several politicians alleged a woman was raped in the 1980s by a man who is now a Cabinet Minister
  • The AFP Commissioner says he has spoken to the NSW Police Commissioner about the allegation
  • The Prime Minister says the Minister “absolutely rejects” the allegation

An anonymous letter, sent to several members of Parliament, alleged a woman was raped when she was a teenager in 1988 by a man who is now a Minister in the federal government.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the Minister “absolutely rejects” the allegation.

In a statement, NSW Police said the woman contacted officers in 2019 but did not detail her allegation in a formal statement before taking her own life last year.

Police said they sought legal advice after receiving a document “purportedly made by the woman” before she died.

However, they said there was “insufficient admissible evidence” to proceed, and that the matter was now closed.

Earlier, Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw had said his counterpart in New South Wales was seeking legal advice about the allegation.

Politicians who received the letter last week, including Mr Morrison and Labor’s leader in the Senate Penny Wong, referred the allegation to the AFP.

However the AFP said it did not have jurisdiction over the matter.

The NSW Police investigation was suspended after the woman took her life in June las year.

Separately, police in South Australia are preparing a report into her death for the coroner.

Before the NSW Police announcement, Commissioner Kershaw was asked on Nine Radio about the challenges police would face, given the woman had died.

“It’s very problematic and it’s something the New South Wales Commissioner has talked to me about, about him seeking further legal advice in relation to that matter,” he told Nine Radio.

“And that’s something that myself and the South Australian Police Commissioner will be discussing.

“Just to clarify … the AFP’s role is to liaise and support and provide whatever advice those jurisdictions need in this matter.”

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw has spoken to his NSW counterpart.(

ABC News: Tamara Penniket


AFP to contact man accused of Brittany Higgins assault

Commissioner Kershaw was also asked about a separate allegation, made by former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins, who says she was raped by a colleague at Parliament House in 2019.

She made a formal complaint to the AFP last week and Commissioner Kershaw said officers would be speaking to the accused man.

“It’s in the hands of our ACT Policing, what we call our Sexual Assault Child Abuse taskforce, which are experienced in these matters.

“And they’ll be working with no doubt NSW Police and other partner agencies in relation to this.”

Ms Higgins originally met with the AFP shortly after the alleged incident but asked officers not to pursue an investigation in April 2019.