South Australian police say they have found two bones, believed to be human, on Maslin Beach, about 40 kilometres south of Adelaide.

A member of the public first discovered a bone while walking along the beach on Tuesday night, and alerted police on Wednesday morning.

Detective Chief Inspector Scott Fitzgerald said forensic investigators had since analysed the bone, and believed it to be a human forearm.

Another bone found

Search crews yesterday located a second bone while scouring the beach for any other signs of human remains.

“Police have located a second bone, which has also been examined by forensic scientists today,” Detective Fitzgerald said.

The age of the rib bone is yet to be determined, but police said it was also not believed to be “ancient”.

Police located a second bone at the beach.(ABC: Ben Pettitt)

“We are currently conducting an investigation and search of the area in regards to any other evidence that may be there,” Detective Fitzgerald said.

Police have asked anyone in the Maslin Beach, Seaford, Moana, Southport, or Port Noarlunga area who finds any bones to contact the Police Assistance Line on 131 444.

Missing persons cases opened

Detective Fitzgerald said the discoveries had prompted police to reopen several cold cases relating to missing persons.

“There are many people over the years that go missing for a variety of reasons,” he said.

“At this stage we are following up with a number of longer-term missing persons that we’re aware of and contacting their families as well.”

He said police were undertaking forensic testing to determine if the bones belonged to the same person.