A Friesian bullock named Russell, weighing in at 1,110 kilograms, has changed owners at a weekly cattle sale in Naracoorte, South Australia.

Key points:

  • Russell, the 1,110 kilogram bull has sold at the Naracoorte weekly market
  • The big Friesian was sold to an animal shelter in the Riverland
  • Russell has spent his life on a property in Bordertown, as a family pet

Nutrien Ag livestock agent Brendan Fitzgerald said the six-foot tall bull sold “at the normal Tuesday market” for 220 cents a kilogram.

Mr Fitzgerald said Russell’s previous owners decided it was time for the big animal to move on, after keeping the bullock as a family pet on their property in Bordertown.

‘He’d walk underneath it’

Mr Fitzgerald said it was not unusual for Friesians to grow to that size.

Russell sold at the weekly Tuesday market in Naracoorte, SA.(Supplied: Rebecca Martin)

“They can grow quite big,” he said.

“They get looked after, they get fed over the fence — it can be fruit and it can be a good grain ration as well,

Mr Fitzgerald said the previous owners were sad to see Russell go.

“[Their son] would go out and feed it apples,” he said.

“He’d sit on his back and walk underneath it and around it.

“He was a great mate of his too.”

1,110kg Russell has spent recent years on a property in Bordertown as a family pet.(Supplied: Rebecca Martin)

New home

Mr Fitzgerald said Russell was going to “a good home up in the Riverland”.

“So all in all, the end of a good story.”