South Australia has removed its hard border with Western Australia, effective immediately.

Key points:

  • WA travellers in SA can leave quarantine, provided their first test comes back negative
  • More than 1,300 WA travellers have been quarantining in SA
  • SA Health also confirmed the state’s first case of the South African COVID-19 variant

Travellers entering South Australia from any of the hotspot areas of Greater Perth, Peel or the South West region will still have to take a test on days one, five and 12, and self-isolate until the first test comes back negative.

Anyone who has already travelled to South Australia from WA and is currently self-quarantining can immediately leave quarantine, provided their first test has come back negative.

The exemption does not apply to anyone who has been at the Sheraton Hotel in Perth — those people must stay in quarantine.

“Travellers who are coming in from those previously identified hotspots of Greater Perth, Peel and the South West will still be required to take a PCR test on day one, day five and day 12 and remain isolated while waiting for their day one test result.

Premier Steven Marshall said he’s satisfied with the data coming through from WA.(News Video)

“Those travellers who are currently quarantining, who have come in from Western Australia, they can conclude their quarantine arrangements effective immediately, unless they’ve been in the Four Points Hotel.”

More than 1,300 travellers from WA have been quarantining in SA.

“These individual sacrifices and collective sacrifices are exactly and precisely what has kept us safe here in South Australia and our economy strong,” Mr Marshall said.

South African variant confirmed in SA

The announcement comes as one new case has been identified in the state, a woman in her 20s who was an international traveller.

SA Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Emily Kirkpatrick.(ABC News)

SA Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Emily Kirkpatrick said it is an old case that will be counted towards the numbers in South Australia, as it had not been counted overseas.

She also said genomic testing had been returned for a previous case — a male in his 40s who presented this week — and confirmed the man had tested positive for the South African variant of the virus.

“With all the variants we are concerned because we know there is that increased transmissibility associated with it.

“It is important for people to be aware that this is our first case here … we’re very satisfied that all the requirements have been met with this individual.”

South Australia has two active cases in hotel quarantine.

More than three thousand tests were taken yesterday.

In all there have been 602 confirmed cases in South Australia.

No change for Victorian travellers

SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said there had been no change for those travelling into SA from Victoria, but they will continue to assess the situation.

“People coming from the Greater Melbourne area, or people who have been in the Greater Melbourne area need to comply with our … testing regime — day one, five and 12 — and you quarantine until you get your day one result.

“The turnaround time on that day one test is very short so it shouldn’t discourage people from coming to South Australia.”