A South Australian Police audit has found more than 100 businesses across the state have failed to comply with COVID-safe QR code rules.

Key points:

  • SA Police have audited business compliance with the COVID-safe QR code system
  • 114 out of 846 business were found to be non-compliant
  • Four businesses were fined $5,000

The week-long operation saw police check 846 businesses, with 114 found to be non-compliant.

QR codes use technology similar to barcodes and are used to help businesses collect customer information for contact tracing.

SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said it was disappointing 114 operators were not abiding by the rules.

“Police have continued with an education approach to COVID restrictions as we recognise things can change quickly,” he said.

Four businesses were fined $5,000 for breaches relating to QR codes, COVID marshals, close contacts and COVID-safe plans.

“Businesses are obligated to make sure that people coming into their premises check in, there’s also an obligation on the patron to check in at some point whilst they’re visiting that business,” Mr Stevens said.

Three businesses received written directions and 19 were given cautions.

Queensland woman arrested for failing to self-quarantine and visiting prisoner

A Queensland woman has been arrested in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs for failing to self-quarantine at a house in Norwood after arriving from Brisbane on January 8.

Police said the woman visited a prisoner at the Adelaide Remand Centre under a false name and after liaising with SA Health officials they discovered she had not been tested for COVID on days one and five as directed.

They said she was later found breaching the direction to self-quarantine again by visiting the local shops.

She was taken to the City Watch House and subjected to a rapid screening test.

The police officers who arrested the woman were also directed to self-quarantine as a precaution.

There have been no new cases of COVID-19 recorded in South Australia in the past week.