The mother of a teenage boy who was missing for 18 hours near a gorge in South Australia’s southern Flinders Ranges says she is “overwhelmed with joy” after being reunited with her son.

Key points:

  • Logan Good, 13, went missing since about 6:30pm
  • Ground and aerial searches began last night and resumed this morning
  • SES and CFS assisted police with the search

Logan Good, 13, was reported missing after he wandered off from the Alligator Gorge car park, at the Mount Remarkable National Park, about 6:30pm on Wednesday.

A search by police, the Country Fire Service (CFS) and State Emergency Service (SES) began a short time later, assisted by police helicopters.

Search efforts resumed this morning, but were complicated by the steep cliffs and rugged terrain surrounding the gorge.

The teenager’s whereabouts remained unknown until he knocked on the door of a lodge 6 kilometres away and the occupant notified authorities.

After a distressing night, the boy’s mother Hayley Good expressed delight and relief, and praised emergency services for their efforts.

“I haven’t got the words to thank them … I’m overwhelmed with joy,” she said.

“He’s good, he’s happy, he’s healthy. Every bone’s in the right place.”

Mount Remarkable National Park is characterised by steep cliffs.(SA Tourism Commission)

Ms Good said she had not yet heard the full account of how her son had got through the night, but said she was “very proud”.

“He’s done really well to get himself onto a track and get himself to safety,” she said.

“He’s done an absolutely huge hike. I can’t believe he’s done it.”

Holidaymaker Alexis Luke was the first to alert police of the boy’s whereabouts, after he arrived at the lodge where Mr Luke was staying.

“He basically just walked in, he seemed pretty calm at the time. He was more concerned about getting some water and a phone,” he said.

“I knew the boy was missing.

“It was such a relief to see him just rock up … it must be such a relief for his family.”

SA Police Superintendent Mark Syrus said the lodge was “well within the search area”.

“After 18 hours we finally located Logan, he popped up at a place about 6 kilometres from his last known location,” he said.

“We would’ve found him but fortunately he came across a house and knocked on the door and here he is now.

“He remained calm, he stayed on the tracks and did all the right things so we’re just really happy to have him back.”