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  • Teflon Don: how Trump the mafia boss fought the law … and won April 21, 2019
    After Mueller, the president is being compared to mobsters from John Gotti to Tony Soprano. And yet he remains in office“You gotta do this. You gotta call Rod...”It was 17 June 2017. Donald Trump was on the phone, urging Don McGahn, the White House counsel, to turn the screw on the deputy attorney general, Rod […]
    David Smith in Washington
  • More than £100bn of UK property is secretly owned March 17, 2019
    Analysis by Global Witness shows 87,000 properties – 40% of them in London – are anonymously owned by firms registered in tax havensMore than £100bn of property in England and Wales is secretly owned, new analysis suggests. More than 87,000 properties are owned by anonymous companies registered in tax havens, research by the transparency group […]
    Jamie Doward
  • Troika Laundromat revelations hit European bank shares March 5, 2019
    New leaks show 1.3m transactions involving mainly tax haven shell companiesShares in European banks were hit as revelations from the Troika Laundromat investigation raised new questions about the extent of their involvement in the movement of suspicious funds from Russia into Europe.Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank International, Finland’s Nordea Bank and Germany’s Deutsche Bank have been drawn […]
    Juliette Garside and agencies
  • 'Super fugitive' mafia boss arrested after 14 years on the run March 3, 2019
    Naples boss Marco Di Lauro considered second-most dangerous man in ItalyAn Italian mafia “super fugitive”, Marco Di Lauro, has been arrested in Naples after over 14 years on the run.Di Lauro, 38, was arrested without a fight on Saturday at a modest apartment where he lived with his wife in the city’s Chiaiano district, police […]
    Agence France-Presse
  • El Chapo and the men who live by rules shaped by the blood of feuds February 17, 2019
    The creator of the series Gomorrah explores our unending fascination with the crimes and codes of organised gangsSince I started writing movies and television series on organised crime, the question I’m most often asked is: why do the stories of crimes committed by men such as El Chapo command such passion across generations and across […]
    Roberto Saviano
  • 'Migrant menace': Salvini accused of targeting refugees and ignoring mafia February 12, 2019
    Organised crime increasingly being forgotten in favour of anti-migrant efforts, say observersIn recent decades, the ruthless Casalesi clan of the Camorra mafia has earned billions of euros by burying more than 150,000 cubic metres of toxic waste in the countryside north of Naples.So last Thursday night, when 90 carabinieri paramilitary police officers surrounded several apartment […]
    Lorenzo Tondo in Caserta
  • Court orders son of Moldova's former PM to pay £466,000 February 7, 2019
    Student’s lavish London lifestyle derived from Vladimir Filat’s criminal conductThe son of the former prime minister of Moldova has been ordered to hand over nearly £500,000 following a corruption investigation by the National Crime Agency.Vlad Luca Filat, 22, was hit with three forfeiture orders for money held in three bank accounts. Related: The Global Laundromat: […]
    David Pegg
  • Crimes against nature: how greed fuels illegal trade in animal parts January 28, 2019
    Scotland Yard’s small wildlife unit opens its store of raided treasures for the first timeRow upon row of primate skulls sit in a glass case, jaws stuck forever in a grimace. Rhino horns big and small rise from a table, a depiction of Jesus on the cross in ivory lies on a table, as does […]
    Vikram Dodd Police and crime correspondent
  • 'Golden visa' schemes pose risk to EU security, Brussels to say January 22, 2019
    European commission is expected to sound alarm on their use to attract wealthyBrussels is to warn EU member states that the “golden visa” schemes used by Britain and others to attract the wealthy have exposed the continent to corruption and organised crime.A report from the the European commission, expected to be published on Wednesday, claims […]
    Daniel Boffey in Brussels
  • Going straight: the yakuza gangster who swapped the underworld for udon December 17, 2018
    As crime syndicates lose their attraction, membership is falling and some are making a new life on the right side of the lawTakashi Nakamoto yells a friendly greeting from the kitchen when he spots a customer slide open the door to his restaurant, his face just visible through the steam rising from pots of stock […]
    Justin McCurry in Kitakyushu