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  • Slovakia police criticised over treatment of murdered journalist's colleague May 17, 2018
    Critics condemn ‘hostile’ eight-hour interrogation of Pavla Holcová by officers investigating killing of Ján KuciakSlovakia’s law enforcement agencies are facing criticism of their investigation into the assassination of journalist Ján Kuciak after officers spent eight hours interrogating a reporter who had worked closely with him.Kuciak, 27, and his fiancee, Martina Kušnírová, were shot dead at […]
    Juliette Garside
  • City gangs behind burgeoning crop of countryside crime April 21, 2018
    ‘County lines’ drug dealing and theft are main culprits, says police commissionerOrganised criminal gangs are behind a growing wave of countryside crime, a rural police commissioner has warned.Julia Mulligan, the head of the National Rural Crime Network and police and crime commissioner for North Yorkshire, said that so-called “county lines” drug-dealing and a sharp rise […]
    James Tapper
  • Journalist's murder does not make Slovakia a mafia state, says PM April 13, 2018
    Peter Pellegrini defends nation’s reputation following killing of Ján Kuciak and his fianceeThe prime minister of Slovakia has hit out at people seeking to portray his country as a mafia state following the murder of a reporter investigating government corruption, but conceded that the “professional” killing was proving difficult to solve.Peter Pellegrini, who replaced Robert […]
    Daniel Boffey in Brussels
  • The Vory: Russia’s Super Mafia review – a kleptocracy in the making April 9, 2018
    Mark Galeotti’s timely account of the Russian underworld charts its rise from Soviet-era gangsters to Kremlin collaborators under PutinI once met a former dissident who spent eight miserable years in a Soviet labour camp. While there, he contracted tuberculosis and ended up in an isolation centre, a prison within a prison – a place of […]
    Oliver Bullough
  • Russian criminal tattoos – in pictures March 23, 2018
    These photographs of prisoners’ tattoos were collected by Arkady Bronnikov from the mid-1960s­ to mid-1980s. An expert in criminalistics, he visited correctional institutions across the Soviet Union to collect photos to help to understand the tattoos’ language, and to identify and catch criminals. Continue reading...
    Arkady Bronnikov/Fuel
  • Undercover officers need protection from Greenpeace? You’re joking | Neil Woods March 19, 2018
    Anonymity for the police is a privilege. I was undercover for years and can see this privilege is being abused in the spycops inquiryI’m increasingly disturbed by the “spycops” public inquiry into the undercover policing of political protest groups, which is having yet another hearing on Wednesday to decide whether or not individual officers should […]
    Neil Woods
  • Softly-softly isn’t working. Time to play hard with wealthy Russians in UK | Oliver Bullough March 11, 2018
    After the Salisbury poisonings, it’s time to tell Putin’s inner circle that they are no longer welcome hereWe need to recap briefly the similarities between Alexander Litvinenko and Sergei Skripal, because they are stark.Both served in the Russian security services; both faced prosecution in Russia; both found sanctuary in Britain; both co-operated with British intelligence […]
    Oliver Bullough
  • Journalists are risking all to expose the Italian mafia. They must be protected | Roberto Saviano March 9, 2018
    Ján Kuciak was shot dead while investigating the mafia in Slovakia. We need to shield brave writers like himThe Italian mafia extended their tentacles into eastern Europe a long time ago. So anyone who was surprised by the death last month of the Slovak journalist Ján Kuciak was not paying attention.Kuciak, the second journalist to […]
    Roberto Saviano
  • Police release seven men detained over Slovakian journalist's killing March 3, 2018
    Ján Kuciak was investigating the mafia when he and his partner, Martina Kušnírová, were killedPolice in Slovakia have released seven Italians who were detained as suspects in the killing of an investigative journalist and his girlfriend. The seven men had been taken into custody on Thursday when police raided houses allegedly linked to members of […]
    Associated Press in Bratislava
  • Accusations about Berlusconi's ties to Sicilian mafia revived February 20, 2018
    Alessandro di Battista, main rival in Italy’s election, launches scathing attack on former PMAccusations about Silvio Berlusconi’s historic ties to a close associate of the Sicilian mafia are being revived by his main political rival as Italy heads into the final stretch of campaigning before the general election on 4 March.Alessandro di Battista, a top […]
    Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Rome