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  • Going straight: the yakuza gangster who swapped the underworld for udon December 17, 2018
    As crime syndicates lose their attraction, membership is falling and some are making a new life on the right side of the lawTakashi Nakamoto yells a friendly greeting from the kitchen when he spots a customer slide open the door to his restaurant, his face just visible through the steam rising from pots of stock […]
    Justin McCurry in Kitakyushu
  • A Caravaggio for Christmas: is his stolen Nativity masterpiece about to reappear? December 16, 2018
    Missing since the 1960s, Caravaggio’s Christ in the manger is believed to have been stolen by the mafia and eaten by hogs. But could the painting now be recovered in time for Christmas?It’s that time of year when the nativity paintings in Europe’s churches and museums get their month in the glow of fairy lights. […]
    Jonathan Jones
  • Organised crime in the UK is bigger than ever before. Can the police catch up? – podcast December 7, 2018
    Faced with new threats from international gangsters, the boss of the National Crime Agency, Lynne Owens, thinks UK policing needs a radical reboot• Read the text version here Continue reading...
    Written by Alex Perry, read by Andrew McGregor and produced by Simon Barnard
  • Bigger isn’t always better in fight against organised crime | Letters November 27, 2018
    Liverpool councillor Steve Munby says amalgamating local police forces doesn’t helpYour article on organised crime (Report, 22 November) conflates two issues. It makes the case for devoting greater resources to fighting organised crime and the National Crime Agency. This is linked to an argument for amalgamating local police forces. There is no logical connection between […]
  • Organised crime in the UK is bigger than ever before. Can the police catch up? November 22, 2018
    Faced with new threats from international gangsters, the boss of the National Crime Agency, Lynne Owens, thinks UK policing needs a radical reboot. By Alex PerryOne afternoon in April, as we climbed into an armoured car outside her office in Vauxhall, south London, I asked Lynne Owens, the country’s most senior police officer, to describe […]
    Alex Perry
  • Venice jewellery heist: expert insight from the 'gentleman thief’ November 17, 2018
    Vincenzo Pepino, the only other person to have successfully robbed Doge’s Palace, suspects £1.7m theft was an inside jobUntil January, only one other person had pulled off a burglary at Doge’s Palace, the seat of power during Venice’s years as a republic, and a museum since 1923.In 1991, Vincenzo Pipino, nicknamed the “gentleman thief” for […]
    Angela Giuffrida in Rome
  • Oil trading firms with ties to UK named in Brazil's Car Wash corruption scandal November 8, 2018
    Vitol, Glencore and Trafigura feature in report by campaign group Global WitnessThree global oil trading companies with strong ties to the UK face being dragged into Brazil’s “Car Wash” investigation, after a report raised questions about their connections to businessmen named in the vast corruption scandal.Vitol, Glencore and Trafigura, which boast combined annual revenues of […]
    Rob Davies
  • Money-laundering crackdown on public schools and law firms November 1, 2018
    Exclusive: security minister Ben Wallace pledges to focus on where illegal cash is spentEstate agents, high street solicitors and accountants who facilitate about £100bn of money-laundering in the UK but are failing to report suspicious activity face a crackdown under a government drive against economic crime.Security minister Ben Wallace has warned public schools, football clubs […]
    Pippa Crerar Deputy political editor
  • Brexit could lead to security threat at border, says watchdog October 23, 2018
    NAO warns that criminals could take advantage of any gaps in enforcement regimeBorder disruption following a no-deal Brexit could create serious security weaknesses and be exploited by organised criminals, according to a leading government watchdog, which said ministers are rapidly running out of time to prepare for wider frontier problems after departure.Noting that many businesses […]
    Peter Walker Political correspondent
  • Suspected Spanish drug boss arrested after music video cameo October 17, 2018
    Francisco Tejón, turns himself in, stripping major smuggling gang of its top level, say police One of Spain’s most wanted men has surrendered to police days after he surfaced in a reggaeton video featuring scantily clad women, a Bentley and a swimming pool.The arrest of Francisco Tejón, who is alleged to lead the Castañas gang […]
    Sam Jones in Madrid